api: overview


Jabwire provides a REST based API to access many of the functions of the website. This API enables you to integrate other applications into Jabwire.


Projects are used to collect features, bugs, and sprint tasks.

Name Description
Show Projects Returns a collection of projects the user has access to.
Show Project Returns a single project.
Show Users Returns the users with access to the project.
Show Sprint Teams Returns the sprint teams with the user membership.


Features are enhancements or additions to the product.

Name Description
Show Features Returns a collection of features in the project.
Show Feature Returns a single feature.


Bugs are defects in the product.

Name Description
Show Bugs Returns a collection of bugs in the project.
Show Bug Returns a single bug.
Create Bug Creates a bug.
Update Bug Updates a bug.
Delete Bug Deletes a bug.

Sprint Tasks

Sprint Tasks are units of work.

Name Description
Show Sprint Tasks Returns a collection of sprint tasks in the project.
Show Sprint Task Returns a single sprint task.